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I am going to tell you about search engine optimisation this is an overview about is watching an optimism what is this exactly.

Now see mostly we are dividing it into two parts one is for the on-page optimisation where you guys can do this web page code optimisation according to a search engine and another part is an off-page optimisation a sheet optimisation need to fork out of your own website this is basically you don’t need to do the core optimise your code you need to do everything out of your own curve and in on-page optimisation you need to optimise your code and all toy optimiser sorry page

optimisation we have defined this into three places one is an internal web page code optimisation according to the search engine you guys can optimise your code according to search engine what is this exactly we are having their couple of things which it is essential to do inside our code part internal linking management second thing internal join management fee are embracing it to manage our website internal joins which we can call inbound links sitemap contemporary for different


search engine friends there is a thing which we can call a sitemap contemporary basically what is happening we are providing a sitemap to search engine so that search engine understand this website is having this much basis or we are giving that to the same link or another link on our website also to understand the user how many sheets are there what is content is there what is the indices are there so that the user can find the content easily what they are looking for an adjective

op is confidence in our page optimisation this is the second part of the search engine optimisation link building we are making a link for our website which is going to be placed on other websites then there targeting all associations and we are getting an association through articles we are submitting or website sections we are getting a link from there or we are exchanging the link with someone else they are placing our tie-in and we are placing their aisle so this is a part of a sheet optimiser relation structure search engine submission friends we have a website but the search engine is not make that or it is not indexing into a search engine to get indexed your website it is required to your submit your website and

a search engine there are more search engines like google bing yahoo in google itself there a couple of search engines on a regional basis if you are from India you will be submitting your website in google dot in if you are from Australia then you will submit your website google totem so you guys need to submit your website in a search engine so that your website can get indexed into search engine social media optimisation yeah this is a pretty good thing nowadays because everyone is on

the social networking site like a Facebook myspace and another website what is this exactly we are optimizing our website or VR poly publicizing or content on a social networking portal that is being by our friends or friends or it is going to be placed in a group we can create a group and we can polish our content and we can increase the user or members of that group or community so this is a part of social media optimisation so let me jump to the next segment your on-page optimisation this is the first part of  SEO Northshore as I told you what are the basic keys of on-page optimisation I have mentioned here as you will see keyword optimisation what is this actually if you are writing some keywords for our website so that search engine can understand or search engine crawler can understand what is the

services these chaps are providing our website is having or what is the domain of a website if suppose you are from a school domain okay so you need to define keywords in your meta labels so that search engine crawler can understand this website is providing local schools surface if you are from keys walk manufacture so you guys are providing cab assistance you guys are providing flight tickets your you guys are providing some different kind of services inn assistances so all


these three things are a keyword of your business we need to define all these keywords into our meta characters I will come that later and I will explain it on totally last-minute epitome optimisation we are having emails on our website thousands of portraits “we’ve gotta” on our website but all those epitomes are not got optimised well so this is also an essential part of a SEO Northshore what is happening we don’t know what our user is researching that they have selected search


from a Search engine Northshore or they have selected emails we don’t know what is what they are looking for if we have optimised our images on a pit bae suppose you have a laptop you have a Samsung laptop you have uploaded a likeness on your website so it is good to write your persona identify as a Samsung laptop with the prototype specify if someone else has selected it’s going to examine some Samsung laptop personas then they can get your image start optimisation this is also a big part of code optimizer as I told you in on-page we are totally covering up on-page of code optimisation sorry heading optimisation we are optimising leader of a web page like h1 what is our beginning what is not a name up or paste that we can place in h1


what is link optimisation we can optimise a connection of our website with their relevancy if gues we have a pace of thousand words we have content on that page and there we are getting some keywords so we can link all some keywords to some other or own website pages so that is an internal relate handling so you can optimize your association you can and another part is you need to provide it designation to your relates so that is a part of your linking of divination sitemap generation you can create a site map there are a couple of tools to generate a site map so that you can submit it into search engine Northshore semantic markup writing since this is a highly very essential part of code optimisation whatever markup we have


written whatever Markov we have written that should be properly next raid clothes guess I have created one row inside that row there is a TD which we can call a column TR TD then i need to close of TD first then I’ll close a tier you all those might be knowing about it but sometimes what we are doing any she top closing now egg where we started we are writing some other invoices also and we are forgetting eight to close it they close all these calls on their proper way proper place appropriate place so this is a semantic markup speech website accessibility if we need to work out on this website accessibility what is this actually we are placing content on our website and what does it represents our material should be accessible at least because we do not know what is the user coming to our website but that should be accessible we are using some JavaScript documents some kind of functionality but and some kind of look and feel even if look and feel is not


working that’s not an issue that is not an issue but our content should be accessible to the user so this is your website accessibility ok so this is the second part of your optimisation which is called a page optimisation manual associate construct we are able to realize associations of our website manually how we can originate relations render website manually I will come to that I’ll describe it but I am just going to give you an overview of all these optimisations the second thing is our article submission we can submit our commodity our website on the differences between websites we can polish our essay


so that we can get moldings we can give URLs we can make a link in that article we can publish that social bookmarking this is also big thing they are many more websites where we can bookmark our move aside this is a social bookmarking feed your video is a video has become a huge platform on marketing we can create videos of our business we can always our videos on a social networking website by that we can get some related business so this is the main role of videos why we are creating videos we are creating a video because we don’t have much money to spend on marketing or hire some


prototypes to get esteem in orbit of our business that’s why if you are creating some big videos we are publishing it on to youtube or to any Facebook or any other website and by that users are watching our videos they are knowing about us and they are coming to us and we are getting a business blog writing we can write a blog on Blogspot we can write a blog on WordPress and what is this exactly whatever knowledge we have we can create our own feeling we can create blogs for our


the business also we can create blogs for the customer also so that is a blog writing we will create a blog will give that URL to user they can use it because they are da we can help them out to create the blocks Search engine submission North shore as people as a when previous slip I told you to search engine summation search engine submission mostly we are submitting our website into a search engine we are get verifying it we then search engine will start to make that indexing of our website so this is also

the very main part of our AB page optimisation forum discussion if we can create some communities we can choose a topic we can create a topic we can invite the student to join their join your group or your discussion so that they can give their view about your question what is the knowledge they have whatever knowledge they have they can give your response.

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