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how to get on first page in google, search engine optimisation tips, create a better website SEO

by admin

Today we’re going to talk about search engine optimisation today I would like to talk about search engine optimisation this is the most powerful commerce tool for any business in today’s context this is probably the most valuable lesson if you have any business more than anything today is visible in Google is the most important aspect of business success if people cannot find you online you do not exist how many parties in this room believe that being in the figurehead sheet of Google is a big deal I know I do is in accordance with the first sheet in Google fetches traffic to your website and increases your business without any questions in today’s context beings do not look to find information anything anywhere


else but Google Yellow Pages pink sheets white pages or whatever color pages you have in your neighborhood they are dying people do not go through etched publications anymore they do not go through traditional neighborhoods that you think beings Google stuff every day more and more too google is the most powerful search engine tool today and the most popular buy fight is close to 90% very unlikely to be caught by the others like Bing Yahoo or whoever people is not Facebook assistances do not Bing or Yahoo information beings today Google things the reason I wanted to share this with you today is that I celebrate few years of effort and I have achieved ultimately first page


position for my business in my area for my specific keyword just to make a clear example I’m talking about a wedding photographer Sydney that’s the key word because I am a wed photographer and I’m in Sydney and this is a what I’m trying to promote and this is this keyword is one of the most valuable keywords from for my business I have found out through keyword study before I move on and indicate you what to do to get there I wanted to share some of the perience in autobiography to set things into context I have watched my locate and

Google how they behave over the years and “re just trying” do all the things recommended by other people to be done in order to go far the first page I have neglected many times and I have invested a lot of time and fund compensating other people to do it for me who call themselves SEO specially search engine optimization experts likewise I need to tell you how I guess Google encounters things in order to understand what I am about to tell you today when people type a specific keyword they are interested in Google exerts software’s and exploits algorithm to find


websites containing your search phrase or keyword and organizes them in the order of relevancy now about relevancy how do you weigh which site is more relevant over another site if they both or all of them contain the words you are looking for in answer to this question Google has developed complex criteria and assigns tags for every website based on hundreds of signals and hundreds of criterias mostly they are looking for the following things they look on the claim of the website they look at the entitlement of the sheets inside the website how many sheets contain


your keyword and how many times how many image is referred with your keyword how many internal ties containing the word are in your website how many other websites point to your website and how many tie-ups contain the keyword do you have Meta Description just for those ones we are not technological Meta Description is a hidden text which is usually generally part of the design and usually that can contain also a keyword how many parties stay your website sought for that keyword how old-time is your website how large-hearted is your website


how many sheets and what design of the pages you are using how many synonyms of the keyword you have in your website and how even they are distributed among the website do you have social media affiliate areas how many likes do you have on Facebook how many likes you have on Google+ do you have Google evaluations do you have other people’s evaluates do third party evaluations how many and how good then there this list can go on and on and on and no matter what you do you cannot satisfy all of them they used to be loopholes in all of the above and there are thousands of internet cowboys out there pretending to know how Google tasks and try to sell you


SEO assistances that wants search engine optimization business but they cannot guarantee you anything nonetheless they are happy to take your money I’ve been there I’ve done that and I burned myself it should not end up any good Google is going them out slowly and it is now impossible to achieve performance by applying formulas like before the only thing you need to do and upset is create a great content on your website interesting and appealing I have speculated I have found formulas over the time and they used to work for some time and after a few months I ought to have been come back I’m going to share with you a few tips what you can do to improve your chances to become more visible in Google and you might have a chance to increase your showing and traffic


I’m not guaranteeing you first page but if you do the things I’m going to tell you now you probably have a much better chance first of all you have to have a meaningful business specify and the deed of the website you have to have a meaningful described in your website have meaningful and logical sheets include clear titles and description of pages include as much text as you can and do not include the keywords too many times you you can constructed websites around a specific keyword but I would suggest you don’t do that include personas with lists when you position epitomes like 1 2 3 jpg this does not have any meaning and Google will not see it will not


understand it I’m going to give you an example if you call an image beach wed photo Google will know what you’re talking about and it will have a better chance to appear when someone sorts by luck wedding photo in Google and beach wed photo anything related you can have a blog and write about every session in a separate page this is probably one of the best things you can do do not call your sheets John and Mary wedding but call them wedding photography at the white-hot palace for John and Mary this is an example for wedding photography in my example


a much more meaningful deed and Google will find it when a person types wedding photos at the grey palace you accompany the spot with the photos and with the clause I’m just going to give you an example every time I publish a nautical I would affiliate the site with the words wedding and photography and I is guaranteed under you by situating a link to that specific venue every time someone searches for that venue and every time someone searches for wedding photos at that venue they end up in my page if I do that with every venue I can guarantee within a year or two you cover I don’t know how many venues you can do but let me tell you this is gold because every time you will pop up in other investigations not consequently for your specific probe but too added huntings and this will bring traffic to your website every time you have a shoot merely leant it all on our website ask for permission from your clients and describe


your shoot and gave a lot of text do not be short of text I investigate countless photographers and they are just uploading sheets with time personas Google cannot predict that if you do your your keyword research for your business and you can find other related keywords you can use them for your sections and you can use them in your sheets I would suggest you do your research and I’m going to give you an example how I do things in my speciman the most valuable keyword for my business is marriage photography situation


I have a Google account and I help find relevant keywords in the Google account that crack comes free with the research tool I help find keywords like uniting corsages marriage photo ideas pre wedding hearings beach wedding photography and many others I’m employ one keyword that at a time for each article blog post or sheet I write and I go about that one keyword in different contexts of my photo discussion I organize one article and over hour I cause one commodity every time I have a client and I set one image named after that specific keywords in this way if you change your behaviour and you do as I do I can predict you that your traffic will build up over time and people will come to your sheet more and more more traffic wants better Google ranking your area becomes more transparent and


it will appear more often and that is pure gold I will stop here I think this is already too much information in one go and I will intimate to do to do the following firstly opening a goggle report learn the best keywords for your business in your region make sure you specify your province because it’s important that beings don’t look for you in another town or another city you need to change your demeanor as per my tips-off and you can measure the results in a few months time if it doesn’t work precisely contact me and I’ll tell you what are you doing wrong everything


I just mentioned will not guarantee you the first page locale because there are already parties smart-alecky enough to do that that’s that’s your competitor but this will definitely put you on the delineate I have tried to summarize the most important information in my opinion but this discussion can take more than simply an hour simply half an hour if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me communicate me an email I’ll be happy to answer also if you want to test my belief satisfy go on Google you type uniting photography Sydney and experience what primacy I come up in “ve been thinking about” your business what services you furnish and where


it is very important to do your homework and start structure your idol online it is crucial for your business it is crucial for today’s success you in one of my previous videos I talked about how easy is to install the WordPress you can install on your website a wordpress blogging platform you start writing do it on a not on a daily basis but a one a weekly basis and I can promise you will get results within a few months time I hope you enjoy my gratuities here in terms of search engine optimization and Hollis bolus protocol is until I told you next time I wishes to receive glad shooting thank you very much

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